Technical System Details

The details of our hosted and managed Basespace content management system, expansions and Google friendliness are explained here in plain English.

Technical System Details Basespace is designed to make communicating with people through an attractive website as easy and cost effective as possible.
    All areas of the system are easy to understand and intuitive. Basespace is made up of three components:

    • a powerful content management system
    • a library of useful expansions
    • a set of hosting packages

    Each of these areas is covered in more detail in the sections below, along with some interesting facts about why our content manager is just great for Google. 
    Content Management System
    The Basespace content managment system has tools and features to help build...
    Expansions add extra features like search engine optimisation, a shopping c...
    Google Friendly
    Search engine optimisation features are built into Basespace, helping you r...
    W3C and Accessibility
    Details of the basespace system including the content management system, ex...
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