Mortgage Solutions Centre

Mortgage Solutions Centre is proud to offer independent, whole of market mortgage advice with professional and friendly service in Cambridge.

Mortgage Solutions Centre With the help of Basespace, Mortgage Solutions Centre's website was built rapidly and in conjunction with the managment at Mortgage Solutions Centre. This close collaboration during the build was important because of the strict regulations independent financial advisors work to. Once the site was completed it was put before the Financial Services Authority for approval, which was quickly obtained. Mortgage Solutions Centre can now look forward to boosting their business with search engine optimisation, leading to more online enquiries.

The Basespace feature that is perhaps most important to Mortgage Solutions Centre is the ability to update the site themselves and allow the FSA to see pages before they are made public. This 'publishing' system which is standard across all Basespace sites means that all of our customers can hold a page back from the live site until it is absolutely perfect. At a click of a button the page can go live.

It is plain to see that Basespace was a great fit for Mortgage Solutions Centre. Expensive website design fees incurred because of the involved process of the FSA's reviews are a thing of the past, because staff at Mortgage Solutions Centre can update their website quickly and easily with the Basespace Content Management System.
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