Why join Basespace?

Basespace is sold through our network of authorised resellers called Architects, who are assisted by Creatives to deliver brilliant websites to customers the world over.

Why join Basespace? Our partners want to provide their clients with an affordable, easy-to-use, well designed website. Basespace has been created to satisfy this requirement, and much more.

By joining us as an Architect, you will enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with us. Instead of wasting your valuable creative time sourcing, developing and supporting various website technologies, you can earn more doing what you do best: providing excellent website building and project management services.

If you are an independent creative type, join us as a Creative partner. You can show your talent off and promote your graphic design, translation or copy writing services to our Architects.

Architects, Creatives and customers make up the Basespace community, sharing ideas, supporting each other and collaborating on projects. There are no costs involved - as we value your relationship with us and the win-win opportunities this provides. So why not Touch Base and join us? To read more, visit the sections below:
Add a fully managed content managment and hosting service to your offering ...
Basespace is sold through our network of authorised resellers called Archit...
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