Ethical Code

When agreeing to work with any new company, organisation of individual, we encourage ethical and environmental responsibility .

Basespace is a community based software platform and as such we offer access to our systems to any person, organisation or business that becomes a member of our Basespace Community.

An important part of what we stand for is the investment of our technology and energies in organisations and people who are helping the planet. We are also aware of our own responsibility in this regard and apply some basic codes of practice to our business. We encourage our Community to do the same, by testing themselves against this code of practice and making changes where necessary to more closely align to it.

Basespace Ethical Code

We ask that Community members are active in at least one of the following areas:

  • Reduction of business and personal travel (by using email, telephone, chat messaging and video conferences it is possible to cut-out a large slice of unrequired travel)
  • Use recycled paper and recycle used paper, glass, plastics and other office and personal waste
  • Reduction of energy usage, by using low-energy bulbs and switching off non-essential lights and electronic equipment
  • Reduction of water usage, by ensuring taps are not left running and reducing waste and sanitary water requirements
  • Avoid investing in unethical organisations

If you represent a good cause you may qualify for a discount. To discuss your project with us please touch base.
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