Company Profile

Basespace is the product of some great ideas, a bit of lateral thinking and a lot of hard work.

Company Profile We have a firm belief that every individual, business and organisation should have a voice to communicate its message effectively to the world. We also believe in the strengths of a community comprised of talented business partners and their customers, working together to produce amazing results.

Borne out of these beliefs we have created Basespace, a combination of technology and community delivering great content managed websites to our mutual customers.

The Basespace philosophy:

  • Great design and technology
  • Community 
  • Affordability 
  • Ethical practices

We are constantly challenged by our partner Architects and Creatives and welcome this. Sticking to our core beliefs has resulted in us meeting and exceeding their expectations every time. We are confident in our technology and approach, as demonstrated by our growing website portfolio. We want you to experience Basespace, whether you wish to join us as a partner or customer, so touch base.
Ethical Code
When agreeing to work with any new company, organisation of individual, we ...
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Basespace company details
Our basespace website has been designed to provide access to as wide an aud...
Privacy Policy
As required by the UK Data Protection Act 1998, we follow strict security p...
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The following terms of use are applicable to customers using the basespace ...
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